At Karabıyık Attorneys at Law our team has completed the English translation of the Turkish Associations Regulation (“Dernekler Yönetmeliği“) applicable to all associations in Türkiye. This is a secondary legislation text that was published pursuant to the Law on Associations (Dernekler Kanunu). This is not an official translation. The contents of the regulation may be

LAW ON ASSOCIATIONS (English translation)

At Karabıyık Attorneys at Law our team has completed the English translation of the Turkish Law on Associations (5253) (“Dernekler Kanunu“) applicable to all associations in Türkiye. This is not an official translation. The contents of the law may be amended from time to time. This translation includes all amendments up to September 1, 2023.

Can employers make deductions from employees’ wages?

Article 407/2 of the Turkish Code of Obligations regulates the protection of the employee’s wages. According to the provision of the law titled “Protection of Wages”, “The employer may not exchange the wage debt with the receivable from the employee without the consent of the employee. However, receivables arising from a judicially fixed damage caused

Using Civil Registration Records Without Apostille and Certification

In 1950, the International Commission on Civil Status was established under the leadership of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland and convened to work on the harmonization of provisions on citizenship and civil registration of individuals. Turkey became a member of this Commission on September 24, 1953, and 22 of the 34 conventions signed

Dictionary of NGO Law Terminology (Turkish-English)

Alındı Belgesi Certificate of Receipt Alındı Belgesi Kayıt Defteri Logbook for Certificates of Receipt Ayni Bağış Alındı Belgesi In Kind Donation Receipt Certificate Ayni Yardım In Kind Donation Ayni Yardım Teslim Belgesi In Kind Donation Delivery Certificate Bağış Donation Bağışçı / Donör Donor Beyanname Annual Activity Report Bilanço Esası Balance Sheet Basis Denetim Kurulu Board

Annulling consumer contracts where there is no defect

This article pertains to consumer contracts only, which are defined as a contract entered into by a person (the consumer) with no intention to use the purchased goods for professional or commercial purposes. There are different possible routes for different scenarios with respect to the consumer’s right to annul the contract, under Turkish law. A.       

VAT exemption of NGOs under Turkish Law

Turkish law allows for associations to apply for a Public Benefit Association (PBA)(Kamu Yararına Çalışan Dernek) status, provided that the association meets the following criteria: Should be active for at least one year, Procurement and sales transactions valued a specific amount (updated each year) or above during the past year should have been conducted at

Vehicle Insurance, Traffic Accidents, and Remedies

Types of vehicle insurance There are two types of “vehicle insurance”s in Turkey: “Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance”, also known as “trafik sigortası” “Discretionary Financial Liability Insurance”, also known as “kasko”. Vehicle insurance is also known as car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance. As the names would suggest, both types of vehicle insurances are liability

Legal age for employment in Turkey

The legal age for employment in Turkey is stipulated under Turkish Labor Law. Under Article 2, an employee is defined as “a real person working under an employment contract”. There are no specific ages determined within the provisions of this law, but under Article 71, the legal age for employment is defined under the concepts

Mandatory Use of Turkish Language in Commercial Enterprises

Turkish law requires companies established in Turkey to use Turkish language in all of their transactions, contracts, correspondences, accounts and records, pursuant to a code titled “Law 805 pertaining to the Mandatory Use of Turkish in Commercial Enterprises (İktisadi Müesseselerde Mecburi Türkçe Kullanılması Hakkında Kanun, No: 805)” dated 1926, which is still in force. Article 1 of this law states that

Taxes applicable to employment contracts in Turkey

SGK Employer Contribution: This Contribution is regulated in the Law No: 5510. According to the Law No: 5510,  Employers who employ insurance holders within the scope of subparagraph (a) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Law No: 5510 deduct the premium amounts of the insured shares to be calculated over the premium

REGULATORY UPDATE – Regulation on Associations

Amendments have been made in the Regulation on Associations, effective from 21.10.2021. The regulations included in the Amendments to the Regulation on Associations are summarized below. 1. It has been regulated that general assembly and board of directors meetings can be held electronically. The procedures of the meetings have been regulated as well.   2. The periods of


In accordance with the Decision of Gaziantep Provincial Public Health Committee numbered 2020/99 and dated 05/11/2020, workplaces in Gaziantep with 10 and more employees are required to get HES Codes of employees (and potentially visitors, see below). It has been decided that an administrative fine will be imposed on those who fail to comply with

Deadline Extension for Registration with the Data Controller Registry Information System (VERBIS)

Data Protection Authority ( has announced on 23.06.2020 that the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) and representatives of various sectors submitted requests for the extension of the deadline to register with the Data Controller Registry Information System (VERBIS) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, the Board has re-determined the deadlines for registration with the

Comparison of EU Law and Turkish Law on the protection of personal data

As a result of technology becoming the central figure in our lives, more attention and care must be given to issues such as the privacy of private life and the protection of personal rights and fundamental freedom. Recent developments in data collection, processing, and storage technology have led to creating a legal regulation to protect

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) under Turkish Law

Turkish Personal Data Protection Act entered into force on March 24, 2016 and was published in Turkish Official Gazette dated April 7, 2016. The act defines the personal data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Pursuant to the Act, personal data shall not be registered without the permission of the

FAQ: Insurance claims and damages under Turkish Law

Liability insurance (insurance of responsibility) There is a plethora of liability insurance policy types commonly used in Turkey. We will examine one of them, a relatively more common one: traffic insurance policies. There are essentially two types of “traffic insurance”s in Turkey: “Compulsory Financial Responsibility Insurance” and “Discretionary Financial Responsibility Insurance” (Turkish: Kasko). As the

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